Saturday, April 7, 2012

What's Arriving

The first rain-free weekend in several and the temperatures have plummeted into the high 50's.  Crazy weather.  I had hoped for a very good day today but the wind has been blowing at a steady clip and not much was out.

The Barn and Tree Swallows have arrived and were active over the pond this morning.  They are lively, fun birds to watch and have a pleasant chatter.

My best find today was a White-Eyed Vireo.  I spotted it late this past week but the photo was poor.  Today it was singing away and there were several off in the distance that would reply.

A male Eastern Towhee,  with its almost metallic sounding song at times was out singing proud.  Even though they are year round residents,  I think they are quite handsome birds with their striking red eye.


Woodduck said...

Thank you for sharing...
happy trails!

Paula said...

Hello Woodduck! Love this time of year. Good things happening almost daily. Thanks for stopping by.