Monday, April 9, 2012


At last the warblers are arriving.  I went out for a short time Sunday morning as I had a family dinner to attend at noon.  The day started out beautiful even though a bit coolish.  Unfortunately as birding was getting very good, they sky filled with clouds.  The cloudy skies didn't stay too long but I just don't like the way photos when their are deeply overcast skies.  I spotted a Palm Warbler Saturday but could not get a decent shot.  Sunday morning they were numerous and flying about hunting insects on the emerging leaves of the willow trees.

Lots of Yellow-Rumped Warblers massing together for their move north.  It is rare to get to see them in their full color.  When they arrive in winter they are already in their more brownish phase and usually begin departing before they have their full color for the mating season.

At one location I ran into a fellow birder.  We watched a small group of birds flying about and had some discussion as to what they were.  They never seem to settle into a place where they were not silhouetted.  The morning light was definitely playing tricks on their color.  After lightening the shadows some in PS, I could see what they were.  So Randy....what we were seeing was female Red-Winged Blackbirds.

Lots of sweet looking Field Sparrows.    They have such a gentle, soft look about them.

Moving on to the park, there were several Cormorants out.  Some swimmimg, some drying out.

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