Saturday, July 7, 2012

It's Just Too Dang Hot

I went out for a little while this morning but didn't stay long.  Successive days outside in the heat is taking a toll.  Within an hour out, a killer headache set in so it was a short morning.  The remainder of the day will be inside.  This fellow sort of sums up how I feel today.

Water is evaporating at an unbelievable rate in the marsh.  Spotty afternoon showers have had little to no effect on refilling the marsh and no water from an upstream lake is being released.  Ther Great Blues appeared a bit befuddled by the lack of water and soon departed.

What is a loss to some is a gain to others.  A young Red-Shouldered Hawk took advantage of a stranded fish and swooped down.  It must have eagle dreams.  I guess the easy pickings were too good to pass up.

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Woodduck said...

Yep, too hot for me. I'm indoors re-reading an old favorite, 'My Winter Garden,' by Maurice Thompson. Many bird notes...happy trails.