Tuesday, July 31, 2012

Suburban Foxes

For a couple of years now, every night at the edge of dark, I would see a fox come down the edge of the yard, circle around through the woods, come out in my neighbors yard and trek back across the front yard and back into the woods.  It is a nightly routine that I enjoy, watching out the window trying to catch a glimpse and hoping she would stop for a while which she occasionally does.

Several weeks ago after catching one photo on the trail camera, it was evident that she had been nursing and kept hoping she would bring the young ones by.  Finally one night, she eased out at the edge of the woods with a young one with her.

During the last several weeks of setting out the trail camera further in the wooded area around the house to catch the fawns, I began seeing more and more of the foxes.  Always just at or after dark so unfortunately only trailcam shots but they have given me the opportunity to observe the interaction within the family unit.

The adult female is a pretty little fox.  Nice mask markings and a nice bushy tail.  She is the most visible at the edge of dark going about her search pattern  with a seasoned determination.  The male who I have only been seeing for about a year and on the rare occasion  is not as handsome.  His tail is a little on the ragged side and his mask is not as well defined.

There were three young foxes, two that I suspect are males hang away from the adult couple.  One of the young  is generally with the adult female.  I call her Yoda.    She is the far left fox in this photo.   The adult male at times tends to try and show his dominance of the two females which makes me mad but I guess that is nature.

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