Saturday, July 14, 2012

The Twins

This appears to be the year for twins.  I know of three sets within 5 miles of the house.  This particular set is a pair here at the house that I have been seeing for a couple of weeks now.  Before the rain this past week, much of the grasses were drying up and food supply was being depleted.

These are "city" deer and have a very limited area to find food.  When the doe started coming into the yard chomping on flowers and grass, I knew she was hungry.  Knowing that she was trying to nurse two fawns I felt sympathy for her with her thin appearance.  I could swing for a bag of corn and deer chow to help her along.  Over the past two weeks she has put on some weight which in turn I guess helps with milk production because the fawns are flourishing.

I have enjoyed watching out the window as the two young fawns run and kick up their hills.  Mom deer definitely has her work cut out trying to watch them.  One of the fawns is more adventurous than the other.  It will wonder up close to the yard and mom comes up and heads it back down towards the wooded area.

The trail camera has been doing a pretty good job despite the deep shade and that most shots are either early morning or late afternoon.

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