Wednesday, July 25, 2012

Trail Camera Photo Contest

I have really been enjoying my new trail camera and giving it a workout over the last two weeks.  My previous one had almost bit the dust after several years of hard work, abusive weather and the ocassional kick or nudge by wildlife.

For sure it is not high quality photography but it does let you get a glimpse of animal behavior without human presence.  I have been very pleased with the quality of daylight shots with the new camera.  When deciding on what to enter (limited to one photo), I had first considered some very excellent shots of the fawns.  After viewing the submissions however so many pictures of fawns that I went another way.  I did not particularly want to submit a night IR short but that is when some of the best behavior shots happen.

A late afternoon storm left me without power last night and I had a midnight deadline to upload.  At 23:55, a quick decision and upload.  Not one of the best but I tend to like the shots that show interaction or the meeting of different species.  There are some pretty good shots this year so if you get a chance, check out the entries here .  There is a category for US/Canada and international.  Can we really compete with the exotic animals?

I have noticed that when the deer are present and a fox comes up, the deer leaves.  When the foxes are present and the raccoons come up, the fox leave.  When the opossum comes up, everything leaves.  Poor things, if they had association thinking ability I guess they could quickly get a complex.

This is not the photo I entered but one that I like.  Probably should have put this one in.  Two adults and one juvenile fox.  For sure they don't stand still long and live up to sly fox.

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