Wednesday, July 4, 2012

My Nemesis Bird of the Summer

How appropriate that my nemesis bird for the summer is the Summer Tanager.  Despite my best efforts so far, less than desirable pictures have been all I could manage.  I headed out with a friend this morning to a location where he had gotten an excellent shot.  We heard one along the trail but arriving at the destination only got a quick glimpse of a female.

Late this afternoon I went to move the trail camera.  At this location, the adult male fully enjoys taunting me.  As I walk it will fly nearby and as soon as I get a good eye on its location, off it goes.  Curses!

I finally found the one area where I could always spot them.  After seeing the young ones there today, I can only guess that the adult male was leading me away from the location.  They must have nested in that particular area.  There were lots of young ones around this afternoon.  The males are in various stages of getting their orange feathers. 

I watched what I believe must be the mom bird.  She was hunting in the trees staying in the shade.  She had an entourage of young birds constantly following her still begging for food despite being adult size.

 So I will continue my quest during the remainder of the summer and hope for that one clear shot in good light.  Always good to have a goal.

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