Saturday, December 22, 2012

Battle of the Bucks

The high wind continues today and with the cooler temps, it cuts right through you.  The last minute Christmas rush is on with a cookie exchange yesterday so I have not been going out much.  I have some last minute projects to finish this afternoon. 

Last week, a new buck showed up.  His rack is not quite as impressive as the largest buck but he is definitely one I have not seen before.  I have not seen the largest buck in about two weeks now so I have some fear as to his well being.  I will be glad when deer hunting season is over on 1 January.

The smaller buck has just made himself at home like he is the ruler of the territory.  The new buck gave it a challenge last night but the younger buck stood its ground.

The male fox (on the left) has been showing up for the last few nights.  The female has nipped at him several times so I am not sure she is too happy to have him around.

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