Saturday, December 29, 2012

Feather Mystery

Late yesterday I headed out to take the dog for her usual afternoon walk.  Her internal walk clock goes off and she will become quite insistent until it is just easier to give in and go.  It was a hard feeling cold to me yesterday with the winds feeling like they were coming off ice and I really did not want to go out.  We took only a short walk but when I got back home, I noticed all these feathers floating down off the roof.  I stepped back to look and the roof was covered.  There was no sign of any other bird remains.  When either the Red-Tailed or Red-Shouldered hawks are around, they are usually fairly vocal so I know they are near.  I can only assume that  this was perhaps the work of the Cooper's Hawk.  It is a very stealthy and quiet hunter.  Poor dove.  I sort of hate this because the doves were just beginning to return and I feel a little guilty because I had thrown down a handful of seed on the ground for them.

A Pine Warbler was sitting in the tree over where I was looking at the feathers trilling away and wanting me to get away from the suet feeder.  The cold temps have been bringing in the birds.  Used the last of the suet cakes yesterday and with rain today, making more will be a good inside project.

House Finches have started returning.  I usually have quite a lot and up until now, have been absent for the most part.


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