Saturday, December 8, 2012

Under The Weather

A bit under the weather the last two days.  I attempted one short outing which didn't last long.  Not too much lost as the overcast skies have not been conducive to decent photography.  It did give me a kick in the back end to go ahead and start some projects I planned to give for Christmas gifts.

Feeling a bit crafty, I pulled out the embroidery machine to work on some of the designs below. (image source) I love the works of James Audubon and the person that digitized these designs has done a really excellent job for embroidery patterns.

They are quite complex with many layers of shading which means massive color changes.  The first project I completed (at 0130) this morning was the Wood Duck.  93 color changes for this piece.   It looks great though.  After ironing and placing on an adhesive foam board, I added a mat and framed.  It turned out to be a really nice looking piece.

Hoping for some clearer skies tomorrow but looking at satellite weather, more clouds coming in.

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