Saturday, December 15, 2012

Slow Saturday

After several frustrating days of attempting several major embroidery projects, I finally gave up taking the machine in this morning and went to walk at the park for a bit around noon.  I figured not much would be out which there wasn't.  There were the usual Mallards and Canada Geese but not much else.

Lots of preening, wing stretching and chasing going on.  I have to say, where the males of most species are generally the most attractive, I have to give it to the female Mallards.  I believe their nicely patterned feathers make them more interesting than the males.

After leaving the trail camera out for several days, I decided to retrieve it this afternoon.  The last couple of cooler days have the deer coming in earlier looking for food.  I can see now that the twin fawns born this past spring are males.  You can definitely see where little spikes are attempting to grow now.

The fox has learned that where the corn is, there will be squirrels.  It has gotten pretty good at catching one.

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