Wednesday, December 12, 2012


Late yesterday afternoon, I noticed several Eastern Bluebirds coming to the suet feeder, bird bath and checking out the nest boxes.  Only an hour earlier walking the dog, I noticed some Bluebirds taking in nesting material at a house up the street.  I believe the warm weather as of late has the birds a bit confused.  Today though temperatures have dropped and they showed more of an interest in coming to the suet feeder than thoughts of nesting.

It did however remind me that I had not cleaned the boxes from the previous nesting season which I usually do on thanksgiving day.

While cleaning the boxes I noticed they are beginning to show some age.  I remember when I went to get several boxes for myself and my parents from a gentleman in Bailey, NC who was known as the bluebird man.  There is a tribute to Mr. Jack Finch here.  He was such a nice gentleman with a kind spirit about him and a definite love of bluebirds..  He could hold out his hand with a bit of bluebird food and the birds would come right to him.

Their blue really stands out in the drab of soon to be winter and it just makes you feel good to see them.


Kath said...

I agree, they are very jolly in their little blue jackets.
One of my American friends used to say "Have a bluebird day" which sounds just lovely, flitting about, all happy and carefree looking so pretty.

Paula said...

They are indeed the bluebird of happiness. Best wishes for a wonderful Christmas. It looks like you are ready.