Monday, March 11, 2013

Cedar Waxwings

It is beginning to look and feel more like spring every day.  A group of about 20 waxwings came in on a budding tree going from bud to bud.  Not sure what they were finding to eat but they stayed for some time until they had gone over the entire tree.

Spring arrivals noted today was the Chipping Sparrow.


Woodduck said...

They used to come and strip the berries from my huge red heart cedar. You know the mockingbird got little rest that day. I haven't seen the Evening Grosbeaks like in past years, either. Thanks for sharing!

Paula said...

They are one of my favorite birds. I have only seen Evening Grosbeaks one time and that was several years ago. They would come to my cousins house for about two weeks then leave. Would love to see them again. Thanks for dropping by.