Thursday, March 7, 2013


What a difference a day makes.  While still a bit on the windy side, the strong winds of yesterday's cold front are gone, the sun is out, and if you could get out of the wind, not a bad day outside.

There was almost a palpable feel today that spring is almost here.  Trees are beginning to bud out and there is an excitement in the birds behavior.  A Golden-crowned Kinglet was doing some serious hunting on a Pine Tree.  I am not sure what it was finding but explored each tip in depth.

A group of Pine Siskins came in and swarmed on this tree eating seeds.  They have hit it several times so I am surprised anything was left there to eat.

The transformation to their breeding colors changes almost on a daily basis.  The aggressiveness of the Yellow-rumped Warblers seems to increase as their colors become bolder.  The differences between the Auduboni and Myrtle sub-species is unmistakable with the Myrtle sub-species becoming very handsome now.  I have more in the yard now than I have had all year and guess from the large numbers they are beginning to mass for their northern migration.

While I have had a large number, more Red-breasted Nuthatches have also flocked in and their colors are also changing.  When they first arrived, the red of their breast was very pale but is now becoming a rich rust color.  I will still be curious to see if they depart and if so, will they ever return.  I have enjoyed them immensely over the winter months.

The blue of the male Bluebirds is becoming an electric blue and their rust colored chest is deepening.  The pairs have been steadily scoping out the next boxes and nest building should begin soon.

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