Monday, March 4, 2013

Hermit Thrush

Despite lots of sunshine, cool temperatures and a steady breeze made for a cold day outside so  I only went out for a little bit.  For the last several weeks, a Hermit Thrush has been hanging around a particular area.  As soon as I would try to get set to take a shot, it would go in to the underbrush.

This morning hunger beat out the desire to flee.  This Smilax vine is always loaded with berries in the fall through winter that look like blueberries.  You would think that the birds would really go for the berries but they never get eaten until very late in the winter and then only be a few species of birds and occasionally by the squirrels.

This Hermit Thrush took a liking to them and stayed for a bit giving me some good photo op's.

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