Thursday, March 21, 2013

On The Sidelines

I have been laid up with a badly twisted ankle for the last several days so no outside time.  I can finely put some weight on it today so I hope by the weekend I can go out.  I really hate it so badly this early in the year.  After doing the same several years ago, it seems like that ankle now twists very easily.

I have taken the last several days to start trying to sew out what will be my new line of embroidery designs.  I have been working really hard on them trying to do things that are not currently available.  I  have done a series of hawks, owls, ducks and warblers so far.  The process was slow as I am trying to teach myself and after much trial and error I think I finally have digitizing designs down.  I am having to sew out each design to make sure it sews out correctly.    This one of a Harris's Hawk will be made in to a messenger style bag.  The colors look funky on the computer for some reason.  No, there is no pinkish/purple hue on the original.


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