Wednesday, June 19, 2013

Digiscoping Practice

I bought a fairly nice scope almost two years ago with the intent to attempt to become somewhat proficient at digiscoping.  Work at that time was so demanding that I never gave it any really serious attempt.  Since I can't afford to put out 5K for the next size up lens, I decided it was time to give it a go.

I have been making the effort to each day get some practice in over the last couple of weeks and am finally starting to have some success.  Slowly but surely there is improvement.  After spending about an hour out today and reviewing the shots, I have figured out that some extraneous light coming in from the rear is affecting the shots.  Hopefully some engineering this afternoon will solve that issue tomorrow.

Today's practice was on an obliging Kingfisher.  She was probably about 100 feet out.  I missed some great shots because at the moment of opportunity, a large group of kids came walking over the bridge causing too much vibration.


Woodduck said...

Nice work! Last picture reminded me of a favorite whimsical watercolor and collage print, by E.M. Corsa, 'The Ornithologist.' Happy trails.....

Paula said...

The unwanted light flooding in from the back gave it that soft appearance. I hope to have solved that problem with a new camera. It does have that watercolor feel though.