Sunday, June 16, 2013

Horned Lark

I went out early this morning to check the status of the Blue-Gray Gnatcatcher nest I observed last weekend.  About time I arrived clouds came in the photos were not the best.  I decided to go back later this afternoon when I thought the sun would be in good position.

A car stopped by while I was photographing the nest and asked had I seen the Horned Lark that was supposed to be in the area.  After finishing photographing the nest, I took off walking up the road.  To my delight as I reached the top of the road, it came flying right out.

This is my first Horned Lark so I am thrilled.  I fear however the bird will not last long.  It seemed to really have no fear and in the territory where is was so out in the open will probably fall prey to a hawk.  I have never seen one in this area and have to wonder did it get blown in with the strong line of storms that came through earlier in the week?

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