Saturday, June 29, 2013

Green Heron and other Winged Things

I went with a friend this morning to a nearby boating access area that is run by the NC Wildlife Commission.  We were after the Green Heron.  The area was fairly busy but before long the heron put in an appearance.  We had hoped that the cloud cover was going to clear early however by the time we left, there was still a light drizzle from time to time and low clouds.

There were lots of small birds in the area.  Several patches of blackberries had birds coming in for a bite.  This Eastern Kingbird would duck in and grab a berry from time to time.

Several areas were planted with what looks to be millet were attracting lots of Goldfinches and some Indigo Buntings.  I thought it was a really good thing that thought was given to planting these areas.

Of course almost as soon as I arrived home, the sun finally started peeking out from the cloud cover.  Definitely an area to revisit another time.  We have been in this cycle of rain and storms on almost a daily basis.  It REALLY is getting old.  For sure the mosquitoes are having a big time with plenty of breeding areas from standing water.


Dawn Fine said...

Great photos!

Paula said...

Thanks Dawn. I hope you are recovering from your tick bite.