Monday, July 1, 2013


Rain, rain and still more rain  After a heavy downpour today and water rising quickly, a fawn found itself stranded on one little spot of high ground out in the wetland area.  The water was moving rapidly all around it.  I felt so sorry for the little creature as it was softly calling for it's mom.  You would have to be one hard hearted person not to feel sorry for it.

I could see the doe off in a patch of foliage off in the distance but there was swiftly moving water between it and the fawn.  Hopefully the water will subside quickly so she can retrieve her fawn.

Three female Mallards were being pushed down the creek by the water at times getting side ways.  They finally made it down to one of the beaver dams where they were able to stop.  It is pretty darn wet when the ducks are even trying to dry out.

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