Sunday, July 7, 2013

Juvenile Indigo Bunting

It has been the first morning in a while where the sun was bright and no overcast skies.  I was anxious to practice a little on some digiscoping this time shooting raw format.  It was fairly quiet out with not too many birds out.  A young Indigo Bunting was out in the same area as yesterday.  It sat peeping for a parent to come feed it.

Before long, the heat waves were becoming too prominent and clouds were rapidly building so I called it a morning.  I am pretty happy with a couple of the digiscoped shots.  The young Indigo on the bare limb was scoped and the other shot with the green foliage was taken with my regular camera.  I still have a long ways to go but I am starting  to learn the new camera a bit more each time I practice.


Woodduck said...

Oh yes! Good days work!

Paula said...

Getting closer! I still have a ways to go and unfortunately, I think part of my focus issue is the eyes. I guess some readers are in the future.:-(