Friday, July 26, 2013

Tracking the Deer

Definitely a lull in bird activity however there are a few indications that birds are beginning to sense it is getting close to migration time.  Over the last couple of days I have begun seeing Redstarts coming to the disappearing fountain.  I have not seen any around the house since spring.

I have been working on my projects that I am going to enter in the fair this year.  Working on my gourd I did a slice and dice on my finger late yesterday.  I guess I should have stopped and rested but I get involved and keep pushing.

Deer activity is steadily increasing.  The does are beginning to bring the fawn to the feeding sight on a regular basis now.  They are so cute.  I watch out the window and laugh as the fawns jump and paw at squirrels that come up trying to steal a bit of corn.

One of the younger bucks comes up and tries to eat all the food first.  The does however have become quite aggressive toward him particularly if a fawn is present.

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