Wednesday, July 10, 2013

Stump The Raccoon

Since the young raccoons left the nesting tree a couple of weeks ago, it has been a constant battle with them robbing the bird feeders, stealing the suet feeders and getting in to the deer food.  A couple of milk crates placed over the feeders at night solved the feeder issue, the suet feeder gets taken in every night, so the last battle was for the deer food.

I keep the deer food in a metal trash can under the carport.  During the night they would knock the lid off which of course started the dog barking.  Cutting on the light would only disperse them for a short time.  My first try was putting some bungee cords through the top to the side handles.  Nope, they popped them off on the first try then chewed them the next night.

Determined last night, I took one of the python cable locks that I use to lock the trail camera to a tree and ran it through the top and handles.  They did chew a bit of the plastic coating off but I guess quickly realized they could not chew the metal.  One thing for sure, they were determined.  They first arrived right after dark and the last try was at 0237.

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