Saturday, July 20, 2013

A Summer Saturday

Not too much going on today but more bird activity than the last couple of weeks.  A bit cooler with overcast skies and a drop in the humidity made being out fairly pleasant.  A nice gentle breeze also helped keep mosquitoes at bay.

There were lots of Blue-Gray Gnatcatchers out this morning.  Young ones following mom learning hunting techniques.  Some still would on occasion still beg for food but most were actively hunting.

The Mockingbirds are already scoping out the Elderberries.  They will become very possessive chasing others away.  It always make for fun viewing at the squabbles.

The eggs of a late nesting pair of House Wrenns hatched out at the first part of the week.  The parents have certainly been busy today bringing food.  I took the scope out so I wouldn't have to get so close to the box and watched them for a while this afternoon.  To be so small they are a noisy bunch.

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