Saturday, July 27, 2013

Super Saturday

It has been a good day all in all.  The morning started very foggy but quickly burned off.  The muted background of fog was a nice back drop for an Eastern Meadowlark preening on a fence post. They can look tattered when they ruffle their feathers.

A doe was seriously working on an Elderberry bush.  She rose on her back legs to get to where she could pull down the seed head.  I guess she had a taste for them.

A little after noon I went back out.  Tomorrow is supposed to be a rainy day so I wanted to make the most of today.  Two young fawns were running about in the pasture.  One disappeared into the woods but the other just sort of meandered along the edge of the woods.

I was standing watching when to my surprise one of the young hawks flew to a tree very close by.  It fluffed and preened feathers.  I think it was also attempting to cool a bit.  They are certainly camouflaged against tree bark.

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