Saturday, June 22, 2013

Slow Saturday

Not much going on today.  A gray day with bouts of drizzle.  A good day to be sort of lazy.  Someone gave me the nicest zucchini yesterday, way more than I could grill so I decided to make some zucchini bread.  I have five mini loaves baking in the oven now.  I decided to do the small loaves to give some away.  Too much temptation to have much in the house.  I am trying a new recipe as I have misplaced my tried and true so I am keeping fingers crossed it is good.

The deer are having a bit of a lazy day too.  They have been hanging around the edge of the yard chilling out.

I spent the morning reading reviews and comparing features on the micro 4/3 cameras.  I am giving some serious thought on getting one to use in digiscoping and for when I don't want to haul a full size camera around.  There are so many and everyone has an opinion on their performance so I am just as confused now as before I spent several hours looking.

The bread aroma is filling the house so time to go check.

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