Wednesday, October 16, 2013

Phase 1 of Renovations Nearing End

Between the majorly sucky weather over the last week, renovation projects in the house and school, I have not been doing a great deal of birding.  During a brief break today when I walked to the kitchen to get some tea, a Black-and-White Warbler was out bathing.  I have missed several things just because it is too dark outside for a decent shot.

The floors were completed last Friday night and I have been putting down shoe molding and painting baseboards.  I am pretty happy with the way things are looking.  The living room/den will have a rug.  I am just waiting for the floors to cure a bit.  Friday the new couch and chair are coming and Saturday I have hired a teenager up the street to help me move furniture back in place.

I had hoped to take a day or two to go to Lake Mattamuskeet while the floors were drying but the refuge was closed thanks to the J.A. politicians who can't get their act together.

Phase 2 will be my room.  It was an add on after the original house so there were no hardwood floors.  It is over a half-basement so I will carpet that room just to help with warmth during the winter.  I will be taking up residence in the guest bedroom while my room gets cleared out.

The final phase will be new flooring in the kitchen and laundry room.  I am just going to stick with vinyl flooring since it is such a high traffic area.  Much easier to clean up paw print tracks, spilled water from the dog bowl and kitchen oops.

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