Thursday, September 25, 2014

Busy Bird Week

Worm-eating Warbler
It has been a fairly busy week trying to get the kitchen ready for the new flooring to go down.  I am so ready to wrap up all the house projects and the end is in sight now.  The new flooring in the kitchen and laundry room are the last two big projects.

With the exception of a couple of days of sunshine, gray skies seem to be the rule.  Very disappointing with the number of birds coming through and the number of missed or poor shots due to low light.

Northern parula
I was so disappointed on Tuesday when I kept missing shots of a Hooded Warbler that dropped by several times.  Late this afternoon (almost 1730), I happened to walk by the kitchen window and saw an unfamiliar bird.  I have been keeping the camera on the kitchen cabinet to try and catch things coming through.  I quickly grabbed a couple of shots before it flew off.  What a thrill!  A Worm-eating Warbler.  This is the first one I have ever seen here at the house.

Just a few minutes before it came by, I had just spotted a Northern Parula stopping by to get some water.

female Summer Tanager

Earlier a female Summer Tanager dropped by for a bath but I believe this is a younger bird than the other female Tanager that has been coming by every afternoon.  The look was completely different than the older bird.

Eastern Wood Peewee

I have been hearing an Eastern Wood Peewee over the last several days and finally this afternoon with all the bird activity, it could not resist coming in for a look.

The American Redstarts have been great for the last two weeks.  The bright orange of the male's catches your eye so quickly.  I have really enjoyed seeing them.

Cooper's Hawk

Earlier in the week the Cooper's Hawk showed back up.  It has been hanging around the yard trying to find food.  The birds have been a bit spooky because the hawk has been very active.


G L Buzzell said...

Paula, you are SO lucky. I have not been seeing many birds at all. Even our "regulars" are not showing up all that often. Going on a birding cruise on Sunday so hopefully I will see some different water birds.

It has been dreary here too. Sounds like we will have a good weekend though.

Paula said...

Hi Gladys, The last couple of days has been very nice with so many different birds dropping by. I just wish the weather was better. I am soooo tired of the rain and gray skies. Hope you have a good trip Sunday. Sounds neat!

Coppertop said...

Oh my Paula, how lucky you are to see so many different species of birds in your own yard.

I'm in awe at the worm eating warbler, never heard of such of thing!

Thank you for letting the rest of us into your backyard of treasures.

Paula said...

Thanks Liz, I really look forward to the fall migration. I have a larger variety come through in the fall than spring.