Monday, September 1, 2014

Which Gourd?

The no-see-ums (midges) were horrible here today and with the heat, just decided to finish up my gourd for the fair.  I had done the gourd on the left first and I really liked the SW feel of the gourd but then began to doubt whether is was "artsy" enough.

I decided to do another and just see which one jumped out at me more.  Now I just don't know.  They have two completely different feels and I like them both.  The second one I am now trying to decide if I should place a turquoise cabochon at what I think should be the forward facing view.

What do you think?  The SW gourd or the more artsy gourd.  With or without the cabochon?


Coppertop said...

They both look fantastic Paula! You did a beautiful job on them.

I would have to say if I was going to purchase one it would be the artsy gourd with the pretty cabochon.

Good luck at the fair.

Paula said...

Thanks Liz. I am sort of leaning towards the more artsy gourd for purposes of a competition. One thing for sure, you just never know what the judges like. All you can do is your best and try. Thanks for the input.

G L Buzzell said...

Nice job, Paula. I would never think of decorating a gourd. They are both nice but I am leaning towards the artsy one but without the cabochon.

How did you do with the photos that you entered last week.

Paula said...

Thanks Gladys. You would be amazed at what some folks can do with gourds. Thanks for the input. I am still doing some thinking. No luck on photos. The judges selections this year were very odd. Everyone was commenting negatively. Many not selected for the exhibit were far better than many that were. Just goes to show that what is considered art is so subjective!

G L Buzzell said...

Too bad on the photo's. Like you said, you just never know what the judges will like. Can't wait to see how you do with your gourd.