Saturday, September 6, 2014

Slow Saturday

My friend and I headed out to the lake / river early this morning in hopes of catching some action. The fog was very heavy and slow to lift. Finally around 0930, some signs of lifting but most of the egrets and herons had departed by then.  My friend did get enough of a shot to verify the flyover of around 6-7 Snow Geese.  I guess they had stayed overnight somewhere on the lake.

We saw one pair of Blue Grosbeaks but they flew as we got close, otherwise, nothing.  Where are the birds?

We walked around the meadow doing some macro shots just to kill time.  No shortage of insects and flowers to check out.


G L Buzzell said...

No fog here, Paula. They are seeing lots of different birds in Maine. Maybe they are heading our way. Do we get Sand Hill Cranes migrating though here? I love you photo of the dragonfly.

Paula said...

Wish we did get the Cranes....on the very, very rare occasion if one happens wayward because of a major storm. I am really wanting a road trip to Mattamuskeet to see what is coming through. I wish the weather would cooperate!