Friday, September 12, 2014

Friday Finds

I wanted to get out this morning as more rain is forecast for the next several days.  Not sure where all the water is going to go as the ground is still saturated from the last 8" that we received just a few days ago.

There were lots of Common Yellowthroats out searching for insects.  I definitely saw more females than males though.  I saw more today than I saw from spring-summer.   Just another example of a poor birding year for migratory birds anyway.

The number of Hummingbirds continues to increase as those coming from farther north are  dropping by.  They absolutely love the Jewel Weed flowers which are a member of the touch-me-not family.

I went to walk down the trail that runs beside the creek and was stopped in my tracks by a Red-bellied Brown snake had made itself at home and was not moving.  It had recently had a good size meal (probably a frog) because there was a large lump.  It was fat, happy and not moving.  I walked right around it and it never moved.

I watched as a spider repaired its web from something that had flown into it.  I am always fascinated at their precision going round and round and the majority of the web strands are almost exactly the same distance from each other.  Nature's architects.


G L Buzzell said...

Photos are great, Paula. Love the birds, hate the snake (not the photo-I just don't like snakes) but the spider and web is fantastic.

Rained and stormed here most of the day. Hope the cooler weather next week brings us more birds.

Paula said...

Hi Gladys...Thanks. Most folks don't like snakes. This one is sort of pretty with the bright colored belly. Not poisonous so no threat. Fortunately, the rain missed us but gray skies prevailed. We had so much rain last week.