Friday, January 9, 2015

Gathering of the Eagles

The winter gathering of the eagles has begun.  For the past couple of years a strong cold front seems to be the signal for the gathering to begin.

They began arriving in mass as the recent cold front was arriving.  I was unable to get out until today and there were by no means as many as the past several days but the numbers will fluctuate for the remainder of the winter.

The immature eagles outnumber the adults.  It is interesting to observe the various coloration of the     immature eagles based on their age.

A few shots from today.  Some are looking a bit ragged.



G L Buzzell said...

Another fun bird species to watch. So many birds - so little time. *grin*

Paula said...

That time of the year. It is always fun to see so many eagles gathered in one location and to watch the antics of the juveniles.