Sunday, January 4, 2015

Hermit Thrush

We just had a thunderstorm with the arriving cold front so does that mean we are going to have snow soon?  Seems there are differences in the old folklore saying.  Some say within 7 days, some say within 10 days and I even saw one saying within 30 days.  Thunder on Christmas Eve meant it should have snowed by 2 January to meet the 7 days.  Well, since is was about 73 here today at one time, that definitely has not happened.

Late this afternoon I walked by the window just in time to see the Hermit Thrush leaving the suet feeder.  It flew to the top of a nearby perching post.  So what is a perching post?  I put up a post near the feeder with several dowel perches because some irresponsible people have allowed their cat and other abandoned cats to breed uncontrollably.  We now have a fairly serious feral cat problem in the neighborhood.  To protect the birds, I put up the post to keep the birds out of easy reach of lurking cats.  Needless to say, those of us that feed the birds are pretty fed up with it.  If you love your pet(s), spay or neuter!  Much better for their health and it stops unwanted and abandoned animals.

They are not the best pictures but I was already at ISO 1600 and still could not get much shutter speed.


G L Buzzell said...

NO, it does not mean we are going to have snow. *grin* We are in for some really cold temps though in the next week.

Agree on the cats.

Paula said...

Big giggle! You are pretty serious on the no snow huh? I am with you. Did you get any strong winds from the storm that came through? I am definitely not looking forward to the temps that are being projected on Thursday.

Coppertop said...

We got snow! :-) Only 4-5 inches though. Today is very windy and 28 degrees but supposed to get colder for the rest of the week. Guess I won't be venturing too far from the house!
Thank you for the recipe Paula, Gladys forwarded it.
I like the thrush photo, not bad at all with such a high ISO!

Paula said...

HI Liz, I had to laugh a little when you said ONLY 4-5 inches. That is like a major snow storm here! It is also very windy here today and by Wednesday, burr cold is suppose to move in. Hope you give the recipe a try. Stay warm and safe. Good thing we have windows and don't have to venture out.