Thursday, January 15, 2015

Red-breasted Mergansers

Although it was very overcast today, I did go over to the park for maybe an hour.  Several Red-breasted Mergansers had arrived on the pond which is a new species for the park.

I stood for quite a while hoping they would finally raise their head but they moved around on the pond with their head tucked.

I got tickled at the one lone Ring-necked duck.  Not sure if it thought the black heads of the RBMs were one of its own or it was just hanging around with them.

Finally as I was leaving and crossing the bridge across the pond, I looked down and one of the mergansers was up however at that point I was fairly far off.

Hopefully they will stick around at least one more day since the sun is suppose to be out tomorrow.


G L Buzzell said...

Looks like it was nap-time. The Ring-necked duck looks like he want company. :-)

The other day when I was taking photos of that old house, there were three of them bobbing around in the surf. I took quite a few photos before realizing that someone had put decoys out. *grin* Hope they weren't watching me.

Paula said...

I do think the Ringed-neck Duck was lonely. Big laugh on the decoys! I whipped off the road one day at a pond and grabbed the camera only to realize I was looking at a decoy. I guess decoys attract more than other ducks.

Coppertop said...

Hope you get another chance at these beauties!
Chuckling about the decoys. There is a place on our trip around the block that has a buck and turkey decoy out in the field near their home. EVERY time we go by I take a double look. You'd think I would know as many times we've traveled by that place.

Paula said...

I went to the park the next morning but they had already sad. I know what you mean on the decoy. Someone nearby has a very life like deer statue and I always do a double take.