Saturday, November 20, 2010

A Ducky Morning

An absolutely beautiful autumn day. You could not have asked for better weather. All the creatures were out and about scurrying around for food. My friend and I walked around the park looking for something interesting to photograph. A lot of people were out bird watching and early runners trodding loudly disturbed most everything early.

My biggest thrill was on my way out. My friend mentioned about one particular duck she spotted earlier that morning. It sounded like a Wood Duck. Could it be? They are the most beautiful of all our native ducks.

We stopped in an area where the Mallards were congregating and there amongst them, one male Wood Duck. What a thrill. The only unfortunate thing was they were all in deep shade. One of two of the photo's came out okay. We discussed that on a cool morning you would think they would want to get in a sunny spot to warm.

I was a little late this morning and after talking with my friend, found when she first arrived this morning she had gotten a few shots in good lighting of the duck. My intent is to be there early in the morning and keep my fingers crossed.

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