Saturday, November 13, 2010


There is something to be said for the power of solitude. It can be isolating or it can be rejuvenating. After several hours of walking this morning, I began to feel a soothing calmness come over me. My body and brain both relaxed for the first time in several weeks. I found myself thoroughly enjoying complete aloneness almost dreading the thought of running into anyone on the trail. No phones, no one calling my name, just peace and quiet.

Usually as I walk I am always searching for birds or any other wildlife that may be present. Somewhere off in the distance, I could hear a woodpecker and only saw two Carolina Wrens. After three visits to this park this year, I am always amazed at the lack of birds. I believe it is because there seems to be a lack of natural food sources. There is an eagle that sometimes hangs out down by the river but I was late getting there this morning and decided not to go to that area. The usual park I visit has a variety of natural food sources that attract a large variety of species.

I arrived at the river without encountering a single soul along the way. There were a couple of people on the other side and after a wave and short rest I was on my way. I backtracked and cut down another trail and a mile later was back down at the river further up stream. Amazingly, I still did not cross paths with anyone. Finally, something photo worthy. I believe it is a Lesser Yellowlegs. I searched the bird book and there were a couple that looked similar but I believe I am correct. Another short rest and back on the move.

Coming back up is always the toughest. With little to distract the growing tightness in my legs, I made a point of finding trees with holes. Something to take my mind off the tiredness and an excuse to stop every now and then to take a picture.
After arriving back up at the main junctions in the park I started running in to people and it seemed as if there were as many dogs as people in the park.
Guilt flooded over me as I thought how much Ali would have enjoyed the walk. After I arrived home, I did a quick get her ready and off to the local park we went. We spent about an hour walking which with her is a lot of stopping and sniffing. She had to do a meet and great with every dog that came by so I think she had a good little afternoon walk also.

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