Thursday, November 25, 2010

Thanksgiving Day Swan

Visiting my parents for Thanksgiving, I walked down to the lake to see what was around. A young eagle that stays around the lake was flying back and forth and the only pictures I could get did not come out very well. Poor lighting and when it would stop and perch, always in deep shade. Oh for a sunny day.

As I was watching and waiting to see if the eagle would fly by, I just happened to turn to see what was causing all the Canada Geese to make such a ruckus.

The swan was coming in. No time to adjust so I just began taking with what was on the camera. I had to wonder where its mate was. A pair have been coming in about this time of year for the last several years. I just hope the mate was somewhere up the lake and has not met a more serious ending. Photos are of various stages of the landing process.

Shortly after the rain began so that was it for today. A good meal, a full tummy and now a little couch time. Happy Thanksgiving to all.

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