Friday, November 12, 2010

Friday Morning Walk

Taking a day of vacation in conjunction with Thursday off for Veteran's Day and my every other Monday off so that gives me five days. Yeah! Not bad for one day of vacation. Very nice morning. Cool but as the sun rose, it became comfortable in a warm jacket.

Lots of birds out early searching for seeds and insects. More action seemed to be going on in the parking area of the park so I spent at least 15 minutes there before I continued my walk.

The Goldfinches were really working on the seed pods of the Crepe Myrtles. In one tree there were probably close to a dozen birds and same in an adjacent tree.

The Yellow Shafted Northern Flicker was flying about belting out and in general seemed to be upsetting and keeping the other birds moving.

About half a dozen house finches came in at once. They were perched high in a tree but eventually, one came down to see what the Goldfinches were making such a fuss about. It never flew in the tree but cleaned up the ground under the tree of all the seeds the other finches dropped as they pryed open the seed pods.

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