Friday, June 29, 2012

104 in the Shade

I went down late this afternoon to change out the card in the trailcam.  I figured not much would be out but as I quietly eased up on the location, I could see a doe walking around.  I moved as quietly as possible waiting for her to bolt at any minute but to my surprise she didn't.

As I moved closer and closer she would stop and look up at me.  If I stood still, she would eventually go back to eating.  I was so busy looking at her then I noticed a little something laying down.  I knew immediately it was the fawn I saw a couple of days before.

I decided not to proceed forward as it was far too hot to make them run.  I eased back up to the car and waited a while and drank some water.  Eventually I decided I needed to do what I was going to do and get out of the heat.  Thankfully when I walked back down both were gone.

I couple of decent shots from the trailcam however I will move it tomorrow to a place with better lighting.  Sharp sunlight in some spots made for not prime photos.  But what can you really expect from a 5mp camera?

As I was looking through some of the night shots and was particularly amused by one buck.  I guess it was very curious at the faint red glow of the infrared light.  There were at least eight shots of it checking out the camera and some were so close all you could see was a nose.



Woodduck said...

They love peanut butter. I have fastened a jar to a tree and they will lick it clean!

Paula said...

I know someone else who also does that and has gotten some good shots. I will have to give it a try. Sounds like a plan for tomorrow.