Saturday, June 16, 2012

Beautiful Saturday

The weather was simply amazing today for the middle of June.  Coolish this morning with a clear blue sky.  I expected birding to be fantastic this morning but was back home within about 1 1/2 hours disappointed.

I jumped in and starting cutting grass and cleaning limbs and weeds out of the natural areas in the yard.  I ended up also cutting my neighbors yard as she has had recent surgery and was unable to do much.    After cooling down I decided to go down to my cousins farm.  The birds have been quiet amazing and for whatever reason, seems best between 2-5.

I was not disappointed.  The pair of Summer Tanagers were active yet the female always seem to stay in the shadows.  Best shot is looking up at her.  The male prefers Pine Trees and generally is up high but at least he is usually in good light.

Over the last week I kept hearing a couple of Yellow-Billed Cuckoo's.  Finally today, I got to see both of them together.  I found the area where they like to hang out so will definitely revisit.  Something about these birds is jsut so cool.

I have also been watching a pair of Red-Headed Woodpeckers.  This is the first year that I have ever seen them on the farm and was absolutely thrilled when I found their nesting tree.  I was a bit surprised that it appeared to be an active nest with the adults going in and out.  I am judging that on the basis of observing that the Red-Bellied Woodpecker young are already out. 

The Great Crested Flycatchers were active, vocal and keeping all the other birds stirred up. 

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