Wednesday, June 27, 2012

Beating the Heat Day

With temperatures expected to reach 105 both Saturday and Sunday and with the heat index, feel like 112, I took a metal health day today to enjoy some time out.  Yesterday was one of the worst days I have ever had at work and simply could not deal with a carbon copy day today.

I left at 0500 this morning and arrived down at the coast by 0720.  A wonderful breeze was blowing and it was cool from a front that came through two days ago.  The ocean was very rough and no swinning signs were posted but it was pleasant to walk along the beach, hear the waves and feel the breeze.

I stood for the longest time watching a Dowitcher walking along, oblivious to several children nearby and walking within arms reach of them.  When it would go after something it would plunge at least half of its bill in the sand.

I then set out on my quest for a better shot of the Painted Bunting.  I can't believe out of all the shots I took today, one of the early morning shots was the best.  I have decided they photograph much better in indirect lighting.  Some shots this afternoon that I thought would be fantastic with the bird in bright sunlight ended up looking like the bird had been dipped in wax.  Well, at least I got one and can hopefully go back before they depart for fall migration.  I was very pleased to have witnessed a large number of them today which is good news after their numbers dipped low.

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