Saturday, June 30, 2012

Through The Dirty Windshield - Hawk?

I went out for a bit  early this morning.  It was as if the birds had already settled in for the day and gone to the deeply shaded areas  Temperatures rose quickly this morning and after drinking the last of the water and a headache setting in I went home. 

Late this afternoon when temperatures finally dropped to an even 100, I had stood all of the being inside that I could stand.  Re-hydration, a rare afternoon nap and aspirn had taken care of the headache so I decided to at least go change out the card in the trail camera and move it to another location.  There were quite a few shots showing two fawns with one very curious about the camera.  During daylight hours there is no flash so I guess it was just the presence of something different.

I didn't stay long before the heat started getting to me again so I headed home.  When I pulled in the driveway, a bird flew up.  I wished I had backed out and walked (hindsight is 20/20) but opted to cut the car off.  I had the camera in the car so I reach back and grabbed it.  Of all times to have a REALLY dirty windshield. .  Ocean mist along with dust from driving down dirt paths had left a film.  I got four shots before I attempted to ease the car door open for a better shot and it flew.

I first started seeing this bird back in the fall however it was quite a bit smaller and when I was lucky enough to get a quick glimpse, knew then it was a younger bird.  It will ocassionally come and sit nearby one of the feeders looking for an easy meal.  I am sure with the heat today it did not want to have to work for a meal.

I am not sure whether it is a Sharp-Shinned or a Coopers Hawk.  I was going with Sharp-Shinned first because of the smaller size but then I change to Coopers and back to Sharp-Shinned.  I can never get a good shot of it or have the opportunity to see it very long so I am just not sure.  Positive ID's are welcome.

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