Sunday, June 24, 2012

Boisterous Blue Jays

They can be loud, obnoxious and sometimes aggressive but they can also be fun to watch.  This morning a group of young Jays were stirring things up.  Games of chase and dive bombing were the main activities.

Occasionally, an adult would come in and despite being very close to the same size, one young one in particular would fly to the adult, assume a submissive posture and begin the wing flapping and squaking.  The adult would every now and then provide it a berry but most of the time leave quickly.

I am not sure what the berry is they were all so caught up in eating and will have to do some additional research.  The jays however were not the only birds trying to partake.  Whether it was all the commotion of the Jays or that the Brown Thrashers wanted their share of the berries, a group came in and chases followed.

A Blue Grosbeak sat watching the fray between the Jays and the Thrashers.  As one group would chase the other off, during the few minutes away, the Grosbeak would swoop in and get a berry.

Mockingbirds came in for a look however they preferred the offerings of a nearby Persimmon tree.

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