Friday, May 3, 2013

A Bit O' Sunshine

An all to brief break in the gray clouds today but it was so good to see some sunshine and blue sky.  Unfortunately more gray is on the way.   It seems like this year we have had more and longer stretches of overcast days.  Yuk!

I tried to take advantage of the day.  The morning started out seeing the Wood Duck couple on the pond.  Always a good first sighting.

The Red-Shouldered Hawk couple were out hunting.  I believe the eggs have hatched  now.  It was after 1200 by the time I went to check them out.

There are still a large number of Yellow-Rumped Warblers around.  With the temperatures running about 10 degrees below normal, I think they are staying around longer.

I have really enjoyed the Black-throated Blue Warblers this year.  Over the past three years, their numbers have increased each spring.

The Black-throated didn't know what to think about all the commotion the Yellow-rumps were making in the water.

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