Tuesday, May 28, 2013

This Season's Goal - Prothonotary Warbler

Each year I set a goal for a particular bird that I hope to photograph.  This year it has been the Prothonotary Warbler.

I headed out early this morning but stopped before I got out of the drive.  Several deer were lazily  grazing at the side of the yard.  At first I thought they were does but after uploading the photos can see antlers growing.

Moving on to meet a friend we then headed out.  It was such a treat to so closely observe the bird hunting and feeding little ones.  It was a very good morning out.  By the time we left the temperatures were rising and clouds were racking up.  It won't surprise me for a late afternoon shower.

Juvenile Prothonotary


Woodduck said...

I look forward to Spring fishing for rockfish on the upper-Roanoke and these are a big part of the trip! Thanks for sharing...happy trails

Paula said...

They absolutely do love a location around water. I understand that area is suppose to have excellent birding.