Saturday, May 25, 2013

Hooded Warbler

A friend and I went back down to the river today with intentions of trying for  better shots of a couple of warblers.  We really did not give any thought to it being a holiday weekend and absolutely the folks were flooding in.  A rather large group came in with about 10 canoes.

Too much activity to stay long.  We headed down the path in search of a side path to the river but went too far and lucked up on an area with several Hooded Warblers.  Most shots were in deep shade but I lucked up on a couple of shots in brighter light.

I think I will head out late this afternoon to try for some beaver shots.  Hopefully I can get a few.


Woodduck said...

Great! Thanks, and happy trails...

Paula said...

Thanks, I really like these little birds. They just look so cute in their black hood!