Sunday, May 5, 2013

Outside the Kitchen Window

I have an amazing morning and never left the kitchen window.  It started early as I was washing up some breakfast dishes and noticed a bit of movement at the fountain.  It was not very light with the overcast skies and cover of the surrounding leaves but I thought I would give it a try.  This little hummingbird was bathing away.  I apologize for the quality but had to push the ISO up to around 3200 to get a shot at all and there is no depth of field.

It got to the very edge where water barely trickled over and way down and start splashing.  Most of the shots were too much of a blur as I could not get any speed.

The next visitor was a Northern Parula.  It splashed and splashed, flew off to a side tree and came back for more.

My biggest delight of the morning was when a Cape May Warbler and Black and White Warbler came up together.  I had spotted the Cape May a time or two but had not been able to get a shot of it.  Success this morning!

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