Saturday, November 16, 2013

A Beautiful Day

The last two weeks have been extremely busy with work on my room.  Painting is completed and the new floor is down.  My new mattress was delivered Friday and when arrived, I found I could not get on the bed without a step stool!  I spent the day scouting other mattress possibilities and fighting with Sears since they have given me every reason in the world on why the mattress should not be returned.  I was told to "give it 30 days" and see how I like it first.  They just don't seem to understand that I will not grow any taller and the mattress will not lose any depth in 30 days.

So frustrated by this afternoon I headed out just to get away.  The birds were very active taking advantage of the warm day and increased insect movement.  I hit one spot where the bird activity was so numerous then all of a sudden the robins alarmed and they all flew.  I saw the hawk fly on by so guess that is what spooked them.

There were lots of Kinglets, both Ruby-crowned and Golden-crowned, Eastern Bluebirds, Pine Warblers, Flickers, Woodpeckers and Sapsuckers.

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