Sunday, November 3, 2013

Early Morning Outing

I met a friend out early this morning to view the partial eclipse.  We were not the only folks out to watch.  Picture time was limited to first views as to not damage the camera sensors.  Pretty cool!  It was a fairly cool morning out and I could not believe some folks showed up in shorts and T-shirts.  With the wind blowing I know they were cold.

I decided to ride on down the road a bit even though it was just barely light.  I stopped and cut off the car when I saw some deer come up through the pasture and reach electric fence.  Panic behavior set in quickly as they paced and ran along side the fence looking for a way through.  I really felt sorry for them.

 About that time I sneezed and the doe went over and the young deer went through.  The young buck began crouching getting ready to make the jump.  He seemed hesitant but soon made the leap.

Lots of Palm Warblers have arrived and were flying in and out of a tree that was receiving first light.

A pair of hawks were hunting over the fields and one buzzed by so close and so quickly I really could not get the camera to focus well.

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