Saturday, November 30, 2013

Cold Saturday Morning

I went out early to see what ducks were on the pond this morning.  To my delight about a dozen Northern Shovelers had arrived at the pond.  The Ring-billed Ducks were back again this morning also.  The Mallards did not quite know what to think of the Shovelers.  Their habit of swimming in circles searching the bottom had the Mallards stirred up.    Unfortunately they were on the far side of the pond and at the out limits of my lens.  Hopefully they will stay the winter and I will have some additional opportunities.  I had thought about coming back home and getting the scope but there was a pretty stiff breeze coming over the bridge of the pond.

I had a nice opportunity to photograph a Yellow-shafted Northern Flicker this morning.  Not sure what it was finding to eat but if worked an area at the edge of the water for some time.  They are usually so skittish that I enjoyed the relaxed opportunity.


ME2NC said...

Love the Flicker photo's - especially the one with the reflection. I had a bunch of them in the yard the other day after the storm.

Paula said...

They are one of my favorite birds with their variety of markings and colors. Love this time of year as they are "courting" and you get to see some cool behavior.